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We worked closely with the Upscale team on their logo rebranding.

These guys have a new and exciting product called Upscale Analytics aimed mainly towards marketers and sales specialists that are focused on apps and mobile games user acquisition for the iOS and Android platforms.

They asked us to create a logo which brings out their cutting-edge technology while showing a metaphor connotating data and dynamics.

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Upscale Logo

The Logo

We looked for a metaphor that can represent data going up and down while conveying the energetic feeling of a young and dynamic start-up.

After an extensive research we came up with the idea of this composite shape made up of 2 intertwining triangles, one pointing up and one pointing down. Both of these triangles were carved out of 2 hexagons placed on a 60 degree grid.

We went with a color palette that we’ve found to reflect the innovation, vibrance and energy of the Upscale team.

Upscale Logo
Upscale Logo

Logo and color exploration

We explored different shapes based on the hexagon polygonal grid, eventually coming up the shape on the bottom-right:

Upscale Logo

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